All our events are designed to help you achieve your goals via evidence-based training that can have a profound impact for you. You will gain 21st Century skills for your personal and professional success, mastering innovation, leadership, well-being, personal brand, communications and entrepreneurship.

Personal Development

Saturday, 15th June (morning) : University of London

Gain essential skills to support your personal goals, career, and well-being in the 21st century.

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Saturday, 15th June (afternoon) : University of London

Develop key entrepreneurial skills to support your innovation and leadership in any sector.

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Bespoke Support

Dates & locations to suit you

Arrange a Global Academy event based around your organisation's specific needs.

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Arian Global Academy wants to encourage as many people as possible to access our services. To support this aim, we offer a discount as indicated for the following groups:

  • People who work for a not-for-profit/charity or public sector organisation
  • People in full time education
  • People in receipt of benefits
  • People in receipt of a state pension

If you are in these groups then please use the code "ariandiscount" when booking your session. Please bring proof of your status (i.e. ID card / copy of appropriate paperwork) to your session.

Why use Arian Global Academy?

The Academy only uses scientifically-validated methods of learning. Our work is evidence-based, to ensure the most appropriate, and honest, support for your vision and dreams.

During his amazing journey, Dr Arian has attended many developmental sessions and courses. Some were excellent, but many were poor, with no benefit for attendees. The Academy uses the best teaching methods to make sure that you get the benefit you need from working with us. The Academy also offers the benefits of a global network, developed by Dr Arian through his journey.


We call on a team of international experts to support you.


We only use evidence based approaches to give you the greatest benefit.

Everyone Matters

We treat every person as an individual, and tailor our approach to your requirements.

UN Global Goals

As part of Dr Arian's United Nations' role, the Academy supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.