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Dr Waheed Arian

Dr Waheed Arian has been praised for overcoming incredible challenges to create an award-winning telemedicine charity. Now his global academy is helping people and organisations achieve their own visions and dreams to make the world a better place.

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Meet Dr Arian

Dr Arian is the founder of the Arian Global Academy. His incredible journey has taken him from the bomb-ridden backstreets of Kabul during the Soviet conflict to speaking before presidents and international experts.

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action.
We are working our way through the top 25 TED talks of all time.
'How Great Leaders Inspire Action' by Simon Sinek is very insightful. He says being clear and open about your 'why' is key to success. People buy your why.

#Resilience simply is the sheer #determination to achieve a #goal (or goals) despite failures, setbacks and challenges.

Tiger Woods showed this today by winning Masters after 14 years of fight.

We share evidenced strategies on developing resilience.


#Mental and #physical #health are interconnected in many ways.

There is significant evidence for the following tips by #WHO.

Turning their casual practice into long-lasting regular #habits is hugely beneficial for mental #health. https://t.co/eDv8V1Jo0e

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Dr Arian has attended dozens of developmental and educational sessions during his career. Many gave delegates no real, practical advice on how to achieve personal and professional success, and, ultimately their dreams.

This is why Dr Arian has developed evidence-based training days, aimed at personal development, business skills and innovation. Sign up to his newsletter, to find out more about his science-based approach to success.